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4pcs Multifunctional and Reusable Food Wraps Seal and Vacuum to keep food fresh.

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These Silicone wraps keep food wrapped and tasting great! Can be used in the Refrigerator or Freeser and Microwave. The transparent look helps with identifying what is in the container!  Any shape can be covered with this Strechable Silicone!

Hygienic safe - may be rinsed with boiling water and are dishwaser safe!

PRICE: $25.99 - SALE 16.99

Material: Silicone

Sizes: 1 x Small Wrap: 4in x 4in - 10cm x 10cm

            2 x Medium Wraps: 6in x 6in - 15cm x 15cm

            1 x Large Wrap: 8in x 8in - 20cm x 20cm


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